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The history of the house

In today’s house at Stubalpenstraße 3, first mentioned in 1542, two former houses have been built. The devastating firethat ravaged a large part of the market square in 1830, including this district, caused a significant change in the old house and plot layout.



v.l.n.r. Engelbert Eibensteiner | Bierbrautradition | Iganz Raffalt | Die Entenjäger

Ignaz Raffalt – the famous Biedermeier painter from Weißkirchen

On July 1, 1800, Ignaz saw the light of day in this house as the illegitimate son of Michael Gröbmer’s daughter, Maria. When Maria married Lorenz Raffalt, the bourgeois innkeeper on the upper square in Murau in 1802, the boy was legitimized.

He grew up in his father’s house, had to help his father in the guesthouse, but began to paint in his leisure hours.

In 1820 Ignaz Raffalt went to the art academy in Vienna, earning his living by painting portraits. His father died in 1826 and Ignaz had to take over the guesthouse. As an innkeeper in Murau, he used every opportunity to paint scenes from everyday life. Like the above lithograph “Die Entenjäger”.

Owned by the Eibensteiner family since December 14, 1843

  • 14. 12. 1843

    The house and brewing rights have been owned by the Eibensteiner family since December 14, 1843. Ignaz and Franziska Eibensteiner bought the house.

  • 29. 12. 1848

    They were followed on December 29, 1848 by Johann Eibensteiner.

  • 15. 05. 1873

    Engelbert Eibensteiner (mayor from 1873 – 1876 and 1884 – 1888) acquired the house on May 15, 1873. It was he who opened the opposite house 33, the s.g. “Salzhaus”, bought.

  • 10. 09. 1900

    Adalbert and Anna Eibensteiner took over the property on September 10, 1900.

  • 1911

    Adalbert and Anna Eibensteinershut down the brewery in 1911 after 240 years of existence.

  • 15. 02. 1938

    After that, Reinhard and Anna Eibensteiner are the owners of the property.

  • 22. 03. 1973

    In 1973, their son Klaus and Reinhild took over this property.

  • 2002

    Since April 2002, son Joachim has taken over this with his wife Barbara Eibensteiner and is now the seventh generation to run the house…